If you only have one day to see as much of Bratislava as possible, you need this tour - (Nearly) All of Bratislava in 7 hrs. It is a thorough but leisurely-paced tour of most of Bratislava's major and minor sites, such as Bratislava Old town, Bratislava Castle, Devin Castle and The Blue Art Nouveau church of St. Elizabeth. A coffee break and a lunch break will be included to nicely punctuate the tour. We know your time in Bratislava is precious and that you want to get the best of the city while you're here. That's why our guides deliver exceptional tour experiences that not only give you a local insight into the history, heritage, and culture of Bratislava but also take you to really get under Bratislava's skin, revealing local culture & life here today as well as the remarkable stories, sites & sights.

Duration: 6 - 7 hours

Price: €250/group (1 to 6 persons)

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